The Kalimutke Philharmonia is a paranormal fusion of two beloved traditions- early 20th Century jazz from Paris, aka gypsy swing, and Eastern European Jewish folk music, aka klezmer.

was formed by four first-call musicians for a Yiddishshpiel production of Yidl Mitn Fidl in Tel Aviv, with a new musical arrangement. The strong chemistry that the musicians felt together was obvious to the entire cast and crew, as the band would keep playing during breaks and even after shows. After the show closed, the band kept the stage name used in the production.

BACKSTORY: The two styles of music share hard driving rhythms, emotional depth, and virtuosic melodic embellishments. The Roma and Jewish peoples also share a common history of discrimination in Europe and beyond, which had the effect of differentiating their musical styles from those of their neighbors. Jews and Roma formed important musical connections that influenced each other's music, and even played together in bands throughout Europe for centuries, having been excluded from the musical guilds.